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Art Directors: Fatima Lopez Chiri, Morgan Mitchell, Tyra Alexander

Startegists: Fatima Lopez Chiri, Morgan Mitchell

Copywriter: Tyra Alexander

Wheat paste posters: Kaylee Isaacs


Pre Launch - Social Media teasers

Influencer Invitation

Influencers will be sent special edition Barbie x Poppi packaging that will include the invitation for the pop up roller rink event in their city. They will share to their social media to prompt followers to join the fun!

Invite: Hey there, all you fabulous Barbies and Kens in the sunny LA area! Get ready to put on your roller skates and join us at the most dazzling event in town: the "Pop of Barbie" Roller Rink extravaganza!

Micro Influencers

What type of influencers are we looking for?

Empowered women who thrive in their own areas, and inspire their followers to become the best version of themselves.


@Xandrapohl (288 k) (11k)

@carolinafreixa (114 k)

@evprek (10.7k)

@dhatgirlbecca (123k)


@alinagavrilov_ (99.8k)

@laurencaruso_ (53.4k)


@blackarrowbloq (37.7k)

@stylenbeautydoc (68k)


@_erikadelacruz (74.4 k)

@lizinlosangeles (18.3K)

@lellopepper (100k)

@hellodarlingblog (101 k)

@alexajay (94.4K)

Gather your besties for something special coming soon...👀✨ #POPofBarbie

BREAKING BARBIE NEWS! Meet our NEWEST flavor that is completely rocking the Poppi and Barbie fanbase! A delicious mix of strawberry, blueberry, and cherry. Comment down below if you've already tried it! ⬇️🥵


Meet the newest Barbie on the street, Berry Barbie. Exploding with the fresh taste of strawberry, blueberry, and cherry, with hints of vanilla and coconut. In stores and online July 21st. #POPofBarbie


Poppi x Barbie drink collab packaging
Social Media Launch

Event- Roller Rink and Truck

Roller Rink Locations

Each city will have its own roller rink event full of Barbie fun, Barbiecore merch, and refreshing Berry Barbie Poppi drinks. Each event will be curated for each specific location and its identity.

Miami Beach

Collins Park

Santa Monica

Palisades park


Central Park

Soda & Merch Truck

Branded truck that will distribute out the new Poppi flavor as well as sell merch at the roller rink pop-up.

Photo Op and Merch

OHH, Landing Page and Website Banners

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